Top Known Benefits of Amla That You Should Know

Top Known Benefits of Amla

The Ayurvedic tradition has already become a witness to the numerous benefits of the amla berry. Over the years, research has been conducted to support the claims of this herbal supplement and below are just a few.

  • High Antioxidant Levels

Studies show that the Indian gooseberry, from which amla is extracted, is basically rich in antioxidants including Vitamin C, ellagic acid, gallic acid, and corilagin, among others. These components are responsible for fighting off various free radicals that continue to plague the environment. These free radicals are typically the causes of many types of diseases and even increases the aging process of the body. A thorough research showed that amla effectively provides protection against these harmful compounds. A recent study even shows that the amla is also an effective form of protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays.

  • Protection From Cancer

Another interesting breakthrough for amla research is the fact that it can actually prevent cancer, the world’s leading cause of death. Aside from its antioxidant components, the amla berry also contains properties that are apparently anti-inflammatory, anti-proliferative, and chemo preventive. These properties are beneficial in the treatment of cancer. Aside from prevention, the amla also possesses properties that protect the DNA from being damaged by certain carcinogens and metals. One compound called the pyrogallol was shown to have beneficial effects in the prevention of the spreading of cancer cells.

  • Benefits for Diabetic Patients

Due to our modern diet, diabetes is slowly becoming a big health problem anywhere in the world. With fast food and processed meat, the control of glucose levels has become a grave issue. Today, not only adults are being diagnosed with diabetes. Children, even at a young age are also being plagued. Recent research shows that regular amla supplement can actually lower down the blood sugar level faster than any diabetic drug in the market. The key here is to discuss things with your doctor before looking for a site selling amlagreen.

  • Cholesterol Reduction

Any disease in the heart is usually coupled with inflammation and oxidation. A powerful antioxidant like amla has components that effectively combats heart diseases and minimizes bad cholesterol formation. Studies show that amla has proven benefits that can protect you from having cardiovascular issues in the future. Conventional medication may help in lowering bad cholesterol in your system, but it does come with a handful of side effects. Since amla is basically an herbal supplement, side effects are minimal to none.

Aside from the benefits mentioned above, the amla berry has other proven advantages due to its healthy and helpful components. If you are looking for the best and healthiest way to fight off diseases and enhance your immune system, then this might just be the greatest solution for you.

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