The Fitness Expert Strikes Again With The Consult

muscle d seated leg press machine

There are certain things in life that should not be spoken of if you want to have a meaningful and peaceful life, one being the concept of marriage and the other being the expertise of certain fitness enthusiasts and so called trainers in the world. In the modern era, everyone is an expert these days and the internet has become a feeding ground for these vultures to not use it as a means of resource and find the best means of research on what is true and what is not but uses it into something of a degree course that will allow them to say and speak whatever they want due to their affiliation towards the internet degree.

Nowadays, when you walk into a gymnasium and you may see the coach or trainer prescribing the muscle d seated leg press machine for your leg work out of the day and bear in mind that the exercise itself is an amazing lower body movement that allows for great strength as well as muscular growth potential of the entire lower body except for the hips due to the non-involvement of the hip joint due to the seated position of the movement. Many people would rather have you squat but the squat demands proper training and technique formation so in the initial stages it is better to be doing the leg press.

Expert Or Just Internet Spammer

The trainer or coach was only prescribing the new person at the gym the muscle d seated leg press machine for their first leg work out because that’s what the other trainers do at that gym and it is not because they know the scientific correlations to the leg press and strength or muscular growth of the lower body. They have done small research on it but that does not make them an expert that just makes the internet a good tool, which is odd because the person coming in for training could research online as well, so that begs the question as to why they need a separate paid trainer in the first place? The actual knowledge and expertise comes with practice and self-testing that is what makes the expert.


Making the right call when a new trainee comes in as to the proper training for them is hard so going the, ‘general’ principle is what most ‘experts’ do.

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