Medical Walkers in Various Colors and Styles

Medical Walkers in Various Colors and Styles

Medical warriors have come a long way since their introduction. The evolution of the standard walker to the medical rollator walker is not in the natural genius. These new models make it easier for those with stability and mobility issues to get to where and when they want to. This fact along with the ability to find your favorite colors will make it the perfect way to get moving. So, what are the latest features and colors of the big brands with notes? Here is some information to help you see what’s out there for you.

There are many things to consider when planning to purchase a walker or rollator.

  • Sitting – Do you need a chair?
  • Standard walker style – will the regular type be enough?
  • Rollator Style – Do you need tires?
  • 3 wheels or 4 wheels – Do you need help or stability?

Aside from the choice of medical walker styles, there are also additional features and accessories to consider.

  • Folding – Most models now fold for easy storage.
  • Brake hands – The brakes are almost common in the rollers.
  • Basket – You can decide that you need a basket (under the chair) for storage.
  • Saddle Bag – When a basket is insufficient for your storage needs, saddlebags can provide the extra space you need.
  • Drink a pocket – Well, some models offer a place to put your drink so you can absorb and walk.
  • Big Tires – Larger wheels help you overcome uneven or uneven terrain for added stability.

Nova, Featherlight, and Hugo are among the most popular quality brands in rollators. Each brand produces high-quality models at different prices to meet the needs of almost every budget. The average price is $ 80 to $ 800 unless you find them in good condition and save more money. Here are some brands and models that you can use as examples when shopping for medical rollator walker.

The Zoom Nova – 4218 and 4222 models are blue or red in color and have comfortable features such as a removable backrest, fold-down backrest, wide under storage seats, cart basket, large wheels, anatomical handle, extra large seat decor, easy folding for storage and safety of hand brakes. They are good for people with arthritis as well as the disabilities that make walking.

Featherlight – Featherlight offers color options such as red, tea, green, blue and silver in various models such as Ultralight W1650 aluminum. Half is another model of Featherlight with the same practical function as the ultra-light in a small walker with heavy metal wheels.

Nova – The Nova Ortho-Med Mighty Mack Model No. 10911428 can support up to 600 lbs, is lightweight, easy to clean, with adjustable handles, decorated chairs and backrest, brake safety and an under the basket for ample storage. Nova models can be found in red, blue or green.

Seat lifts, wheelchairs, easy-to-carry wheelchair vans, transportation seats, etc. tilting lift and moving scooters. The option you choose is yours. You will need to take several factors to consider before buying any kind of useful help to get what you need. Sometimes you may need more than one type of product depending on your lifestyle.

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