Clenbuterol: Important Safety Tips You Should Not Ignore


Taking steroids is one thing you need to work with a sense of responsibility. A lot of people right now are switching to steroids for faster results. Some are doing great. Others are not totally happy with it. Still, there are a good number of users who keep on promoting the goodness of supplements to others. Now, that’s a good sign that you can still take the medication with fewer worries to keep.

Right now, the safety concerns of individuals taking weight-loss-capable medicines are roaming around. People on forum sites are throwing their innermost concerns regarding their favorite supplements. From bulking cycle up to the cutting cycle, concerns are on the internet. But, with the testimonials of other users, people are also guided in the best way possible.

One of the most talked medicine is Clenbuterol. As we all know, this drug is capable of making your fats cry real hard. Your body will choose the unwanted fats for energy consumption. It means that the fats will not leave your body without use. At some point, fats stored will give you the energy that can help you last a complete routine at the gym. Still, no matter how great Clenbuterol offers its capacity, there are still safety concerns asked by new users of the drug. To help you on pinpointing the facts, just continue reading this article.

Ideal Dosage for Users

If this is your first time taking Clenbuterol, you must not think of the consumption as a racing game. Don’t compete with other users in terms of dosage per day. Take note, your body still needs to adjust from the substance you’ll be taking. The only way to do that is to make sure you can handle smaller dose and increment it once you get a green signal to do so.

A small dose of 20 mcg/day for women is enough. On the other hand, men can also function well with a 40 mcg/day. You might be surprised hearing other users taking as much as 100-120 mcg per day. Actually, for you to have a continuous change in the distinction of this drug, you need to do it slowly. Never be in a hurry when taking a powerful drug such as Clenbuterol. Yes, an increment is doable. But, you still need to verify such plan from your dietician first if it is advisable for you.

Now for the maximum dose, you need to be careful about doing this part. Men are only allowed to increase the dose but it should never go beyond the 140 mcg per day. Also, women are not recommended to take Clenbuterol that would go over 120 mcg per day. For your safety, you need to follow the rules. People who are happy with Clen usually stop once they’re close that part.

Safety Tips

The best rule of safety when taking Clen is to not exceed the 16 weeks per year. Users usually increment their daily consumption every 2-3 straight days. But, as soon as the effects start to show up, they will limit the consumption to 2 weeks on paired with 2 weeks off schedule.

But, what’s with the off cycle by the way? The off cycle is the strategy used for the overall half-life be consumed totally. If you’ll take the supplement without an off-cycle, you may experience negative effects more than the positive ones. To minimize the chances of getting caught off-guard, you better follow the rules. Stay safe and keep your body fueled with enough food to digest. Stay active on the playground and do your part to earn the muscle gains.

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