5 Homemade Masks To Sublimate Your Hair

homemade hair mask

Treating your hair is often overpriced. So why not make your own hair beauty product yourself? The advantage is that the hair loves the simple ingredients of the pantry: olive oil, egg, banana … Simply mix them in a bowl and brush its mane! Whatever the nature of her hair, there is necessarily a homemade hair mask that will do them good. Here are 5 fast and easy recipes to get the hair out of the way. Mask for oily hair Mix green clay and cider vinegar in equal proportions…

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Hair Care: What Products?

Hair Care:

Because there are a multitude of types of hair, we have the choice between an infinite number of treatments! Yes but what care for your hair? Do our test: ” What care is done for my hair  ? “To discover which product to use to display dazzling hair! To have healthy and shiny hair  do not lose our record on the  daily gestures to adopt . To begin with, adjust your hair care to your hair type. Choose and use a shampoo then a after shampoo according to your hair:…

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