Relieve Pain Effectively

Relieve Pain

When talking about cancer, many people immediately think “pain”. This is far from the rule. As such, cancer is rarely painful, but pain can be caused by the invasion or compression of organs, vessels or nerves. Numerous treatment possibilities exist, from aspirin to morphine (correctly used, it is an excellent medicine), through chemotherapy or palliative radiotherapy (intended to relieve the patient without seeking to cure it). In order to be fully effective, these treatments must be administered under medical supervision and scrupulously monitored by the patient, for example by respecting…

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Relieve Cancer-Related Pain

cancer suffer from pain

The majority of people with cancer will present pain during the course of the disease. These pains are of varying origins, intensity and duration, sometimes complex. They may be related to cancer, treatments or certain medical and surgical procedures. To relieve patients, many opportunities exist today. The impact of pain on quality of life According to the National Cancer Institute, 53% of patients with cancer suffer from pain which 28% consider severe. In practice in the various treatment centers, pain is usually reported more frequently but statistics are difficult to…

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