Weight Loss: How Does It Work?

Loss weight

To lose weight, you have to change your calorie intake Any gain or loss of weight is the consequence of a change in our caloric intake. To achieve what we call the energy balance, we must expend as much energy as we consume . Calories represent the energy value of food. ┬áThe more foods are high in calories, the more energy we have to spend to offset. To lose weight, you must create a negative balance , that is, burn more energy than calories ingested. Losing 0.5 kg per week,…

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Lose Weight When One Is A Man Hormones And Proper Diet, The Winneg Equation


The urge to lose weight is not just for women. Indeed, the male sex is also prone to weight gain, often located in the belly gentlemen, as you well know. Men are also affected, especially from a certain age, by gaining weight if they do not pay the least attention. And it is often difficult for them, for you, to manage. Indeed, most often, before 30 years, you never had to be careful and you may be eating just a little bit. But this time of dream, “beer pizza and…

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